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1910 2½d Union Commemorative

Introduction - Archival Items
1910 2½d Index

Introduction by Otto Peetoom
The Union of South Africa was formed on 31 May 1910 and the First Opening of a Union Parliament was on 4 November 1910 in Cape Town - Leading up to this event a massive celebration took place, the streets of the City were decorated and several Arches were erected. In late October/early November 1910 there was an elaborate Pageant organized by a well known individual Frank Lascelles.
To Commemorate the Opening of Parliament a 2½d Commemorative Stamp was issued on 4 November 1910. Today the stamp is catalogued as SG 1 and 2. It would take another three years before the first Definitive issue appeared on 1 September 1913.

Many individuals have been fascinated by this Stamp and in some instances it is the only subject they specialise in, over the years important holdings of the Union 2½d Commemorative have appeared in Auction. In the South African Collectors Society several members are fans of the issue.
Chris Board is currently researching the subject and Rob & Lyn Lester have formed one of the most extensive collections of SG 1 & 2.
They have on more than one occasion entertained the Audience at Leamington Spa with a stunning display of First Day Cancellations, Covers and Multiples.
They were commended as the first members of the Society to contribute interesting material to the SACS website and it is hoped that others will follow their example.

It is thanks to Lyn & Bob's Enthusiasm that a comprehensive section on The Union 2½d Commemorative is possible I have sub-divided the Issue into six Indexes

I recently had a conversation with Rob in which he mentioned several highly unusual destinations to which covers, which include a 2½d Union SG 1, in the franking sent to places such as South America and the Panama Canal Zone, then by complete co-incidence I came across an item with an astonishing destination, non other than to Captain Scott in the Antarctic


Spink have been very Generous and provided Copies of the Illustrations from their October 2013 Bloom Sale

As may be anticipated much of the material is in the Lester collection but there are a number of Old friends that I recognise that previously belonged to me
I have added a few modest items currently in my possession and more recently
- Chris Palmer has kindly sent in a selection of interesting items


Archival Material
Die Proofs, Colour Trials, Specimens & Publicity Cards
Die Proofs Ex Bloom - Courtesy of Spink

Printers Die Proofs are often Great Rarities being either Unique or one of very few - in the case of the
1910 2½d Commemorative they are quite abundant and the Bloom sale offered three example

Pencil date 18.7.X

On Reverse
Lot 2001
Lot 2003
Lot 2002


Mike Tonking collection

Die Proof - Palmer Collection

Colour Trial on Watermarked Paper - Unique


Colour Trials Ex Bloom
Handstamped Specimen
Lot 2004
Lot 2005
Lot 2006
Lot 2007
In Deep Blue
In Bright Blue - A Rare Version
Stuck horizontally
Struck at an angle
Publicity CardS

Lot 2008

2½d with faint hanstamped


In Violet

Lot 2008 Ex Bloom
Courtesy of Spink
Bold diagonal SPECIMEN
Lester Collection
Presentation Cards
These Cards were distributed
to the Press to announce the Issue
by the High Commissioner in London

Lester Collection
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