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1910 2½d Union Commemorative

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A Christmas Card from Pretoria



The 1910
Union 2½d used as a
Centre Piece on a Christmas card

Hearty Seasons Greetings

Mr & Mrs H. G. Everett
Box 63
Pretoria S.A.

Peetoom Collection




Unusual Cancellation - A Cork Cancel

1910 Pageant
There are two schools of thought on this very unusual cancel
Either a Rosette that resembles the Watermark OR is it meant to look like the Emblem used for the 1910 Pageant
Peetoom Collection


Unusual Item - Stamp with Private Perfin on Cover

1910 Union 2½d with Private Perfin
J D & CO

John Dickinson & Co
African & Australian Branch
Apsley House
Wale Street
Cape Town
Identity of Company as per the backflap
NO 5 11AM 1912
Date Stamped CAPE TOWN 9 OCT 12 - This is the only known perfined Union 2½d on cover
Lester Collection


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