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Pre - Union Cape of Good Hope
Privately Produced Stationery Wrapper with a Painting Motif
1892 Queen Victoria
Newspaper Wrapper, H&G 4 with a
Privately produced additional illustrated print of
The Cape Town Argus
incorporating a
Painting Motif
Posted with a Cape Town bulk posting cancel to Windhoek in GSWA
Splendid and usual item
Early Provincial & Union Booklets
Displayed at 2011 Leamington Spa Weekend by Brian Trotter
Report by Otto Peetoom
An excellent display starting with a De La Rue Orange River Colony 2/- dummy booklet, whilst there was a correspondence with D.L.R. the O.R.C. did not place an order and was the only province not to issue stamp booklets.

The Cape Province made up a dummy booklet and sent it to D.L.R. Brian’s collection includes a range of archival material and in December 1905 the C.O.G.H. issued a 2/7 booklet with a 1d premium delivering 2/6 worth of stamps. There were three printings of this particular booklet.

For Natal there are proofs of the Type I 2/7 booklet & Type II 2/6 that includes one stamp overprinted
‘NOT FOR USE’ Brian showed a die proof of the foregoing as well as Specimens. Two booklets were issued during 1906 & 07.

The Transvaal was the first to issue Edwardian booklets and a DLR Appendix sheet was shown along with specimens.

Five types of booklets are known. Type I issued by mid 1905 with 30 bi-coloured 1d stamps, Types II, III & IV with a single colour 1d.
All four were priced at 2/7 allowing a 1d premium to offset the cost of production.

Type V is the final version issued in 1909, priced at 2/6, it included 24 x 1d plus 12 x ½d, the intention was that prior to sale, two ½d stamps had to be removed to account for the premium and the front cover states the booklet contained only Ten ½d Stamps.
After the 1910 Union the required 1d premium was discontinued and for instance the second Natal booklet was then sold for 2/5 instead of 2/6.
The final part of the display covered the five Union King’s head booklets, three at 2/6 plus one each at 3/- and 3/6.
Complete 2/6 booklets are major rarities and it is thought that only three complete examples of each are known.

Anyone who has an interest in the Provincial booklets is recommended to read Brian’s account of them in his book
The Edwardian Stamps of the South African Colonies.
Interesting Cape Postal History
Displayed at the 2013 Letchworth Meeting by Bob Hill
Cape of Good Hope Revenues
By Robert Johnson
Bill of Exchange - 1864
Stamp duty payable on Bills of Exchange drawn in the Cape of Good Hope
This internal bill was drawn in Middleberg on Christmas Eve 1864 for £236 18s 0d and was payable in Middelberg
The Stamp Duty paid by the Embossed stamp was 6d
Bill of Exchange - June 1866
6d Postage stamp used to pay the 6d stamp duty on a bill of exchange for £359 4s 3d
The stamps were defaced in manuscript with a Signature, date and amount as required under Legislation
1d Duty on a Cheque - May 1867
Revenue use of the Rectangular Sitting Hope Issue
Use of the one Penny value to pay the 1d duty on cheques
The stamp has been written over with the value of the cheque (£1000) to cancel it
£1000 was a great deal of money in 1867 equivalent in 2009 to say £100,000
December 1875
Duty of 1s 0d on a Notarial Certificate

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