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Pre - Union Natal
The Boer Invasion of Natal
Part of the Richard Stock Display at Leamington Spa on 8 November 2014
½d postcard to Sweden uprated with ½d Transvaal stamp
Cancelled VELD-POST 17 APR 1900 INGAGANE

Blue three line handstamp Veldpost Z A R Newcastle 18 April, 1900
transit mark and Stockholm arrival datestamp 27.5.00

Boer Forces reached Ingagane on 16 October 1899 and
the oval handstamp illustrated was used from 1 to 17 April 1900
Field Post Office - Dannhauser
Dannhauser is 246 miles on the main railway line north-west of Durban - After the occupation an oval handstamp was introduced as a canceller,
usually in violet, but sometimes in red - It lasted about a month when the letters Z.A.R. were removed.

The envelope contained a letter from Dr. Charles Douglas who was interned by the Boers in Dannhauser - Apparently he had free access
to any part of the town because he had been treating the Boers
A cover posted unsealed and endorsed Open for Inspection to allow it to be censored. Backstamped at Newcastle and then sealed, it was again censored and resealed with a pink censor label Postdepartment Z.A. Republik Geopend onder Kirjgswet at Pretoria on 5 January 1900. It was transferred across the lines because it was backstamped
Durban January 15 1900 and has British and Irish datestamps London Official Paid 7 Feb 00 and Killeshandra FE 12 00
Entertainment Duty - Photographic Essays
Spink in their 9 July 2013 Sale offered 153 A to Z lots of Contemporary Photographs from the Printer's Record Books.
Lot 80 offered the three Unadopted Natal Essays as Illustrated below

Around 100 pages came from the Printer's daily photographic record books, many being of hand-painted essays and unaccepted designs. Mostly mounted on card/paper - The dates are the entry dates into the archive record books.
Designs by Bradbury, Wilkinson

Size 28 x 34mm
Colour Red
Colour Blue
Colour Violet

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