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2022 Meetings Schedule

March 2022

There will be a Society meeting held at Letchworth, Saturday May 7th, 10am to 5pm

Summer Meeting 2022 - the two day meeting returns to Meriden, 26th - 27th June 2022.

This is a Sunday & Monday, we will host displays, an auction and the ABELL TROPHY one frame competition.

Subscription renewals - if you have not yet paid, please do so now!

Recent The Springbok Archive - A Philatelic Forum - Birds on Stamps

The Society was formed in May 1948 by Eric Sherwood from Sale in Manchester with a membership of about 12.
Edward Lauder from Glasgow was a staunch supporter of the fledgling society and became the first President in January 1962.
Lauder died suddenly in March 1965 and Sherwood took over the position of President.
Eric was a specialist dealer of South Africa and a well known figure in the stamp trade. He passed away at a ripe old age in January 1987.

At first the members circulated a ‘News folder’ but that became impractical as the membership progressed to three figures.
In January 1953 the first society journal was published called The Springbok and is still going strong after 60+ years.
For almost 40 years it was a bi-monthly publication and from 1993 it became a quarterly journal. Issue No 339 was published in August 2017.

Eric Sherwood promoted and advertised the Society in The South African Philatelist starting in October 1949 and continued to the end of December 1972.

In January 2014 a Society website came ‘online’ and has been developed into a valuable source of information, especially our section Collect Southern Africa

The website includes an Index to all its journals The Springbok and there is an extensive list of the Society’s comprehensive Library.
Regular meetings are held in the North and the South plus a Philatelic weekend in May/June in the Midlands.
Each year in November it hosts an Annual Southern Africa Philatelic Conference and is already in its 19th year - See link above & go to that page
This important annual event is open to all the various Societies with an interest in Southern Africa Philately.
On the Saturday there are invited displays and on Sunday morning it is open to anyone wishing to present a short display.
The Conference is concluded on Sunday afternoon with a ‘live’ auction.

The 70th Anniversary was celebrated and a customised webpage may be accessed via the link above, also a sixteen page Special Edition of The Springbok has been published and may be downloaded free in PDF format from this website.

By 1954 the Society boasted 229 members and nowadays it is in the region of 120. There is no pomp and ceremony and the society is run in a casual and friendly manner...thus if anyone has an interest in this area of collecting they ought to consider joining.

From the Chairman Tony Howgrave-Graham
Welcome to the South African Collectors Society

The Society was formed in 1948 to promote interest in, and study of the stamps and postal history of South and South West Africa

It produces the award winning magazine The Springbok and has many excellent publications to its name, notably the Handbooks,
which remain the standard reference works for Union collectors

You will find we are still active with friendly meetings on a regular basis and we cater for all levels of collecting. Whether you are a stay at home collector who needs information, or a more gregarious type, you will be sure of a warm welcome if you should wish to join us

From the Secretary Chris Oliver - Society Aims and Objectives

From its foundation in 1948, the South African Collectors’ Society has aimed to promote the collecting and study of the stamps, postal stationery and all other aspects of the philately of South Africa
This area includes the Union and Republic, the former Homelands South West Africa / Namibia and The Cape of Good Hope

Chris Oliver
Regular meetings are held in London, Carlisle and elsewhere in the U.K.
Information is published through the Society’s journal, The Springbok

Membership is world-wide and is open to all collectors from beginners to advanced specialists

The annual subscription includes:

• Receipt of the quarterly journal The Springbok

• Access to the Society’s extensive Library

• Participation as buyers and sellers in the frequent postal auctions of the Society

• Participation as buyers and sellers in the Society’s exchange packets - U.K. members only, due to insurance requirements

• Membership benefits of The Association of British Philatelic Societies and the Philatelic Federation of Southern Africa

Join our Society - Subscription Rates - Application on Next Page

If you wish to become a member of the South African Collectors’ Society the Subscriptions are

Payable on the 1st January in each year

Payment in Sterling at the following rates

U.K. £18 and European £22 addresses

Other The Springbok sent by air mail £25

If The Springbok is received electronically a subscription of £10 per annum will apply

Payment in Rand can be made to our Agent in
South Africa Cedric Roche

By Airmail R450

Electronically R180

The Committee


Sqn. Ldr. John L. Shaw MBE FRSPL

Chris Oliver

Tony Howgrave-Graham

Membership Secretary
Conference Organiser
Simon Peetoom

Committee Members

The Society requires a new auctioneer - please consider volunteering

Journal Editor

Tony Johnson -

Other Society Officials

Librarian - Malcolm Ridsdale

Webmaster - Simon Peetoom

Packets Exchange - David Page

Northern Meetings - David Haig


Overseas Representatives
South Africa - Cedric Roche - USA - Morgan Farrell -

Society Meetings

Usually held at London, Meriden & Letchworth Garden City
Annual Southern Africa Philatelic Conference Meriden
Dates & Details published in The Springbok

London Meeting 20 September 2014 (Photo by Chris Oliver)
Left to Right - Tony Johnson, Tony Howgrave-Graham, Bob Hill, Simon Peetoom, John Shaw and David Page
 Reports of Society Meetings are published in The Springbok
Society Auctions

Two (Live) Society Auctions are usually held each year at the Philatelic weekends in May & November

Recently they have successfully been held over "Zoom"

Awaiting details of the next Auction


The Auctioneer Details
All enquiries concerning the next Auction should be directed to Chris Oliver
as we require a new auctioneer


South African
Collections Booklets

Rob & Lyn Lester took the initiative to
re-activate this valuable source of information

A total of 40 booklets are available and
details may be viewed here!

Please register your interest for any of these publications

Email -

Terms are payment with order

The Springbok - Society Journal
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The Springbok Archive (New Page January 2019)

A sample copy of the Society Journal No 340 may be downloaded here
If you are considering joining the Society, please download for a flavour of what we do

November 2018 - No 344
August 2018 - No 343
April 2018 - No 342
October 2017 - Special Edition

The Library
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Malcolm Ridsdale
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