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This page charts its history and records its Recipients
Awarded for Excellence in Philately
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It is a Medallion worn on a neck ribbon at
Philatelic Events - First presented in 1981

Collated by Otto Peetoom
  A Message from Mrs Hylda Weinstein (October 2017)
...My family and I are greatly appreciative at your interest in the Man behind the medallion...


While away at Stampex in September 2016 my wife informed me that David Parsons at Spink had telephoned and told her I had been nominated for an award in South Africa.
I had no idea what it might be until I arrived home and once I became aware what it is, I said to my wife that I thought it to be quite a prestigious honour.

Manfred Weinstein
1927 - 1978


May 1969

The Presentation
In November 2016, at the 15th Southern Africa Philatelic Conference on the Saturday evening before dinner, I was handed my medal in the presence of another four previous winners. It was quite amazing that five out of thirty recipients were present at the Conference, Alan Drysdall (1991) Brian Trotter and Richard Stroud (2004 - 05) - Chris Board and me (2015 - 16). With all of us wearing our medal an appropriate group photograph was taken.

The Origins of the Award
At a later date I decided to find out more about who Weinstein was and how the Medallion came about and I anticipated ‘Chapter and Verse’ on the PFSA website, but to no avail.

There is a link on said website that leads to a page with this message.
Perhaps some Secret Society?

Collating a History of the Award
I realized that the information is out there, however no one has assembled it into an article. The only available source is invariably...issues of The South African Philatelist. Initially I produced a three page article for the February 2018 edition of Southern Africa Philately. That gave me the inspiration to construct this webpage (on Saturday 23.09.17) and given that there is no restriction on ‘space’ I decided to steadily expand on it, thus what you view today is not quite complete...

Jesse Manfred Weinstein
Born in Pretoria on 18 April 1927, went to Rhodes University after finishing high school in 1942. He signed up for war duty in 1944 with the South African Air Force as a Navigator. After the war he returned to his judicial studies, only to leave again in 1948 as a volunteer with the Israeli Air Force.

Back in Pretoria by 1949 and joined his father in the Wine retail trade.
An active collector and exhibitor he was one of the youngest philatelists to be nominated as a RDPSA in 1968.

Note In the SAP it stated Weinstein was the youngest ever to be nominated as a RDPSA, he was 41 at the time...this information also appeared in his September 1978 obituary...the forgoing was ‘challenged’ by Max Peisach in the Dec 1978 SAP as he was aged 39 when made a RDPSA in 1966.

Besides an involvement with various societies he also served in various roles with the Philatelic Federation which includes the Expert Committee. He was twice President of the Federation in 1964 and 1974 and became Editor of The South African Philatelist (SAP) in October 1972. He held that position until his untimely death on 5 September 1978. An extensive obituary was published in the September 1978 SAP.

Jesse Manfred Weinstein

This Photograph accompanied his obituary in the September 1978

Although he built up a superb Research Library, it does not appear that he was a prolific writer. I searched the SAP indexes from the late 1940’s to 1970 and short articles by Manfred only appeared on occasion. In the summing up in his obituary it notes...Manfred Weinstein personified the highest qualities, he was a perfectionist, demanding the highest standards.
His integrity was unquestionable and he always acted in utmost fairness.
He was meticulous and had boundless mental energy

New Award for Philatelic Achievement
This headline appeared in the November 1980 SAP and states...A Major new award is now available to the Philatelic Federation the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Award for philatelic achievement. The philatelic congress in Germiston last month accepted the introduction of the award, which will be available as from next year.
‘Philatelic achievement’ is defined as recognised and outstanding work in philatelic research and study and the making of a significant contribution to philatelic knowledge. The shape of the award will be finalised by the Weinstein family collaboration with SAPDA (the sponsors).

Joh Groenewald kindly sent me the typescript of the original conditions for the award, as set by Mrs Hylda Weinstein in conjunction with the committee of SAPDA at the time, headed by Crocker - SAPDA sponsored the cost of the medallion and ribbon.

Joh also advised...Once the shape of the award was agreed upon, it was decided to name it the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion.
The then executive committee of the Philatelic Federation resolved to make the award the responsibility of its Awards Sub-committee, rather than have it decided by popular vote at the annual congress...

The Manfred Weinstein Memorial Award
This award shall be for philatelic achievement. ‘Philatelic achievement’ implies achievement in the field of philatelic study and research, which achievement would result in the common recognition of the candidate’s impartiality and expertise.

Philatelic achievement involves study, primary research, fastidiousness and the willingness to share knowhow with others and to disseminate information.

Not more than one candidate per annum may be nominated and the award need not be made.

The philatelic congress, shall in secret ballot elect the candidate only if a confirming vote of two thirds of the votes cast is registered.

Reports on the First Recipients of the Medallion
Considering that the Weinstein Medal is regarded as a prestigious award, the subsequent announcements in the SAP often turned out as a bit of an anti-climax.

1981 The First Award
Ken A. Baker mentioned in a few lines in the September 1981 SAP

Ken Baker
My thanks to Cedric Roché who wrote...Manfred and I together with
Dr Tom Berry started the ‘Postmark & Postal History Society of Southern Africa’ in the 1970’s and Ken Baker was one of our early members.

Ken was an ardent postal historian and a prolific writer. He lived in Bedford and later in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape and passed away in July 1991 at the age of 84 while we were preparing his final publication for print - ‘The Maritime Postal History of Natal 1824 - 1901’ as Occasional Paper No 11.

Ken wrote a series on the Postal History of Simon’s town that was published in our journal over a period of some three years. Other occasional papers were: #5Postal History of the Transkeian territories’; #6Early postal history of the Griqualands and the Bechuanalands’;
#8The Field - cornet posts of the Cape Colony’.

Ken also published much on Mauritius - ‘The B53 obliterators of Mauritius’ published in 1976 as No 18 in the ‘Harry Hayes Philatelic Studies’ series, a few privately published booklets ‘The coat of Arms Issues of Mauritius’ and ‘The Provisional stamp issues of Mauritius’ amongst others.

1982 Robert Goldblatt His award was not announced or published in the relevant Congress report.

Robert Goldblatt
He signed ‘The Roll’ (RDPSA) in 1979 and is probably best remembered for his book Postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope (1983).

Bob was a regular contributor to The South African Philatelist and his citation in the June 1979 SAP noted...His major study on the ‘Mafeking Blues’ is probably the most comprehensive work on the subject and earned him the W.E. Lea Trophy...

1983 No Award.

One has to fast forward several years to ‘DURSA 83’ before more news on the forgoing makes its debut in the October 1983 SAP under ‘Weinstein Medallion Presented’...Highlight at the philatelic congress was the arrival of Mrs Hylda Weinstein of Pretoria, widow of the late Manfred Weinstein RDPSA, who died five years ago at the age of 51.

Manfred Weinstein, twice President of the Philatelic Federation, long time chairman of the Pretoria Philatelic Society, Editor of The SA Philatelist, member of the Expert Committee and other philatelic committees and bodies, is regarded as one of the top students of Southern African postal history.

Mrs Weinstein came to the congress for the presentation of the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion, a prime award sponsored by the South African Philatelic Dealers’ Association.

The award, in the form of a medallion worn with a ribbon, is for philatelic achievement - i.e. philatelic research, study and knowledge shared with others.
It may be awarded once a year upon the recommendation of the Federation’s Awards Sub-committee.

The award was first made in 1981, to Mr Ken A Baker of Bedford. Eastern Cape. Last year it was awarded to Mr Bob Goldblatt RDPSA of Cape Town, also a student of Cape postal history and philately, and this year it was not awarded.

Although the award had already been made, the engraving of the medallion was completed this year and Mrs Weinstein accepted the invitation to perform the first presentation to Mr Goldblatt.

Mrs Hylda Weinstein presenting the Manfred Weinstein medallion
to Robert Goldblatt RDPSA
(SAP Oct 83)

Mr Goldblatt paid tribute to the late Manfred Weinstein, who had a profound influence on serious philately in South Africa.

Mr Baker’s medallion is to be presented by Mr Mike Koyd, the Federation’s new vice-president for the Eastern Cape, at a ceremony to be arranged.

1984 No Award made

1985 Danny Swart (RDPSA 1987) ...Danny in turn, became only the third recipient of the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion for philatelic achievement and fastidious philatelic study... (SAP September 1985)
See photograph below, Danny signing the Roll of Honour in 1987.

1986 in November
A prominent announcement appeared for Richard Knight’s award.

Richard Knight
(1934 - 2002)
He was made an RDPSA in 1988 (SAP May 1989)
An active member of the Rhodesian Study Circle and formed a superb collection of Early Rhodesian Pioneer Mail.
After he passed away Spink auctioned his collection on 21 March 2003.

He compiled a slide lecture on the Postal History of early Rhodesia and published Between Limpopo and Zambesi; the postal routes of Southern Rhodesia to 1923 (1981).
He co-authored with D.A. Mitchell Postmarks, postal routes and principal postage rates of Southern Rhodesia to 1924 (1984)

1987 Mike Nethersole (1934 - 2011) - (RDPSA 1989)
Besides an announcement, a photo of Mike wearing his medal is included - SAP November 1987.

Danny Swart RDPSA
Mike Nethersole (SAP Nov 87)

The Rhodesian Study Circle Website
The Manfred Weinsein Medallion page
is included in their ‘Top links’ section on their Home page
We support those who support us!

1988 Joh Groenewald (RDPSA 1980) Given that he was the editor of the SAP at the time, surprisingly no announcement was included in the 1988 editions...again one has to look through later issues of the SAP to find reference to the foregoing.

Included in notes on the 51st Congress (SAP Nov. 1989) held on 7 September 1989 under ‘Groot verrassing vir voorsitter’ there is a short report in Afrikaans, the title translates ‘Big Surprise for Chairman’. At a meeting by those who determine the top Federation awards. Joh Groenewald said that there were three important awards which include the Weinstein Medal.

At that David Crocker stood up and placed a Weinstein medal around Joh’s neck. A speechless Groenewald could not understand where the medal appeared from as the stock was locked in his office safe. Joh had been nominated for the award without his knowledge and the medal placed around his neck belonged to Danny Swart, who received it in 1985.

1989 Ralph F. Putzel
(RDPSA 1991)...the eminent postmark student and researcher of the history of postal offices... (SAP January 1989)

Ralph Putzel’s phenomenal contribution includes his books on German South West Africa plus South West Africa’s Mandate period and followed by Encyclopaedia of South African Post Offices and Postal Agencies in four volumes. For every collector of Southern Africa the foregoing publications are a ‘must’!

Ralph F. Putzel
RDPSA 1991
George van den Hurk
RDPSA 1991
The South African Philatelist Jan/Feb 1991

1990 George van den Hurk (1933 - 2013) - (RDPSA 1991)
...his particular Transvaal philately, its post offices and markings...(SAP Sept./Oct. 1990) - George was a prolific writer.

1991 Dr Alan Drysdall - Congress Awards at the Cape Town National, other than his name, no further comment. (November/December 1991 SAP)

Alan Drysdall (1933 - 2017)
Alan needs no introduction and he was probably one of the most prolific writers of Southern African Philately...he is also one of very few who was made an RDP in Great Britain as well as in South Africa (RDPSA 1995)

He is included in the group photograph below, which is probably one of the last taken of him. I wrote his obituary in January 2017 which was published in several Philatelic Journals.

1992 Dr Sebastian Endrödy-Younga...a leading expert on European and foreign philately, where he is regarded as a foremost judge and a member of the Expert Committee... (Dec. 1992/Jan. 1993 SAP) The SAP report is more informative than usual, listing previous recipients and also mentions the DURSA 83 presentation by Hylda Weinstein.

1993 No Award made (SAP October 1993)

1994 Gerhard Kamffer (RDPSA 1998) - 56th Congress, Benoni 94
...for indefatigable research...(SAP December 1994)

1995 David Zaayer...Pioneer study and classification of Rhodesia Double Heads and a significant contributor to the Rhodesia Study Circle...
(SAP December 1995)

1996 - 1997 No Award made

1998 Pauw Steyl (RDPSA 2013) - SAP Dec 2013
The 1998 SAP is domineered by events at ILSAPEX 98.

The Congress report only made it into the February 1999 SAP.
Steyl is noted...Excellence in Philately...

Pauw has researched and written much about early pioneering philately in South Africa and also the Postal History of the Eastern Cape.

1999 John Dickson - 61st Congress at JOPEX 99...for Primary research on early Natal and sustained publication of philatelic information...
(SAP October 1999)

2000 Harry Birkhead (RDPSA 1982)
Published in SAP December 2000,
only his name, no further detail.

Harry was one of South Africa’s ‘Larger than life’ characters who did an immense amount of work for philately.

I first met him in 1983 at DURSA and encountered him time and again, either at overseas Internationals or during my frequent visits to South Africa.

On his 80th birthday a Tribute to Harry appeared in SAP Aug 2011

2001 John Sandilands (RDPSA 2002) - 63rd Congress at EGOLI 2001, only his name, no further detail. (SAP October 2001)

2002 Tim Bartshe
64th Congress at ALGOAPEX, only his name, no further detail.
(SAP December 2002).

Tim is the only USA based recipient of this medal.

I met Tim in Denver at the 2015 Seminar on African Philately; he is a keen ‘Pre-Union’ researcher and has done his fair share of writing (See his comment at the foot of this page)

2003 Hugh Amoore - 65th Congress at STAMPEX 2003, only his name, no further detail. (SAP December 2003)

2004 Brian Trotter
United Kingdom (RDP)
(SAP December 2004)

Brian is the author of several books, such as The Edwardian Stamps of the South African Colonies (2004) and more recently
The Main Southern African Postal Routes, Rates and Regulations - 1806 to 1916

Brian is a regular contributor to Southern Africa Philately and is a Co-founder of this popular publication

See also group photograph below

Lack of Detail in Congress Reports
As may be seen above; from 2000 the SAP merely notes the name of a recipient of the Weinstein Medal and in time to come one may wonder who these people are. Ironically an exhibitor who has achieved the lowest award, being a ‘Certificate of Participation’ enjoys more ‘Press’ than those who earn a Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medal!
Then in 2005 a line of information appears followed by absolutely nothing the following year...not even a name!

2005 Richard Stroud (RDPSA 2015)
...for regular research and publications on the Anglo Boer War...
(SAP December 2005) See group photograph below

Richard is also a prominent and active member of several Southern Africa Societies which includes the ABW, Orange Free State, Bechuanaland and Rhodesian Study circle.

Publications by Richard are Ceylon - The Camps for Boer Prisoners of War 1900 to 1902: their Postal History (1989) and
The Postal History of the Burgher, Refugee and Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War

Richard signing ‘The Roll’ (RDPSA)
Leamington Spa in 2015

2006 Franco Frescura - Congress report ‘Zero, not even the person’s name’ (SAP December 2006)

2007 Cedric Roché (RDPSA 1992)
69th Congress at PEZAPEX 2007
...for outstanding work in philatelic research and study... (SAP December 2007)

Cedric’s diverse philatelic interests are noted in the
Dec 92/Jan 93 SAP and include postal stationery, officials, revenues, postmarks and local posts.

Annual Indexes for the SAP Cedric Roché complied these in the 1970’s up to 1978. Anyone who is a researcher appreciates the value of such indexes.
The alternative is to laboriously page through every single edition in the hope of finding a certain note, article or reference.

2008 Chris Mobsby
(RDPSA 2001) - Congress in Pretoria...for philatelic research and writing of a consistently high quality spanning many years...
(SAP December 2008)

Chris Mobsby
Chris responded to my appeal for input and wrote...If I were asked to describe my contribution to South African philately, I would be inclined to emphasise my membership of the Editorial Board of the S.A. Philatelist from April 2004 to May 2007. During that time and subsequently I published a 29-part series of articles on the '‘local’ stamps of the world, in all some 72,000 words and 348 illustrations.
In addition, in the last 14 years or so, I have contributed more than sixty sundry articles, including most recently a series on ‘Interesting Covers’, in all a further 43,000 words

Chris Mobsby is well known for his interest in Cinderella’s and to that end he was nominated to the
Roll of Notable Cinderella Philatelists (RNCP)

2009 John Kaupe...for over 30 years in-depth research of second SA Republic stamps, Expertising work in SA and the UK and for numerous articles on Transvaal issues... (SAP October 2009)

2010 Jan Stolk - 72nd Congress in Johannesburg and the first Western Europe recipient based in the Netherlands...for much research and publications on SA and SWA Postal Stationery. Jan is planning a trip to SA in 2011 and will collect his award... (SAP December 2010)

2011 No Award made

2012 Peter Prime - He was a UK resident who lived near Chester. Congress at CENTAPEX in Port Elizabeth...Awarded posthumously to the late Peter Prime, who produced three outstanding ‘definitive’ reference works based on original research; ‘The History of the Medical & Hospital Services of the ABW’ (1998) ‘British Army Postal Cancellations of the ABW’ (2003) and ‘British Press Censor Cachets of the ABW’ (2012)... (SAP December 2012)

2013 Peter van der Molen (RDPSA 2000) - 75th Congress at JOMAPEX ...for his prolific research and superb publication on Swaziland and for various other articles... (SAP December 2013)

2014 Mike J.H. Tonking (RDPSA 2016) STAMPSHOW in Pretoria ...for his outstanding research of the Union of South Africa and SWA, for his articles in ‘The SA Philatelist’ and ‘Springbok’ and for his ready willingness to share his knowledge... (SAP December 2014)

2015 Chris Board - 77th Congress, CAPEX ...for his outstanding research into aspects of Transvaal Philately... (SAP December 2015) Chris Board was presented with his medal at the 14th Annual Southern Africa Philatelic Conference in Leamington Spa. See group photograph below

Chris Board

Presentation at the Annual Conference in Leamington Spa

Chris is an avid researcher which includes Cape Colony Stationery, Interprovincials and Union of South Africa SG 1

2016 Otto Peetoom - 78th Congress at SAPDAPEX...for his huge role in the development of the current interest in Southern African Philately...(SAP December 2016) Medal presented at the 15th Southern Africa Philatelic Conference at the Honiley Court Hotel in the Midlands.
The photograph at foot includes 5 out of 29 recipients of the Manfred Weinstein Medallion.

Otto (That is me) is the editor of The Rhodesian Philatelist (Since 1993)
Co-founder and editor of Southern Africa Philately.
Also editor of The Runner Post, the journal of the Bechuanalands and Botswana Society. On average I currently produce in the region of 200 pages of philately every year. I promote Philately on various websites (six in total)

Simon Peetoom - Conference Organizer since 2010 reads out the PFSA citation for his Dad's Manfred Weinstein Medallion

Left Brian Trotter Presents the Medal to Otto Peetoom

A Review of the Manfred Weinstein Medallion
It is essentially a ‘South African’ award, thus it is not surprising that the predominant number of recipients hail from South Africa.
It was only in its 11th year that the honour was bestowed on an overseas Philatelist (Alan Drysdall 1991) and only one other individual joined the list before the turn of the century (John Dickson 1999).
At the close of the 20th century the tally was South Africa (12) Overseas (2)

In the 21st century the ‘Overseas boys’ have made their presence felt and currently the score is South Africa (9) Overseas (7).

An Overview of the Recipients (1981 to 2016)
No Awards
made in 1983, 1984, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 2011 (Six years)

Awards to South Africa based Philatelists
1981 & 1982, 1985 to 1990, 1992, 1994 & 1995, 1998, 2000 & 2001, 2003, 2006 to 2009, 2013 and 2014 (21 Awards)

Overseas Recipients
(9 in total)
United Kingdom

1991, 1999, 2004 & 2005, 2012, 2015 & 2016 (Seven Awards)

United States of America -
2002 Europe (Netherlands) - 2010


This article was researched and collated on my own initiative with full acknowledgement to its various sources...its aim is to be informative and to further promote philately in general... The information is presented in a factual manner and gleaned from a journal that is in the public domain.

It does not contravene anything whatsoever...however a petty and fanatical faction wishes to hi-jack my information, place it on a different website and claim it as their initiative...Shame on them!

This page will be expanded as more information and images come to hand
November 2016 Annual Southern Africa Philatelic Conference
Five out of thirty recipients of the Manfred Weinstein Medallion

Left to right - Brian Trotter (2004) Chris Board (2015) Otto Peetoom (2016) Alan Drysdall (1991) Richard Stroud (2005)
  Comments received on this webpage
Ian Shapiro (UK)
A fascinating and superb tribute to Manfred Weinstein and the recipients over the years.

I met MW as a junior collector in Cape Town when I visited Len van de Kar (regularly) and Manfred was there. He helped as much as he could with my collecting interests and I have his carefully worded and beautifully written letters, always in blue ink. He was a true gentleman and you’ve done his memory proud.

Cedric Roché
(South Africa)
Manfred was like a father to me as well as being one of my philatelic mentors. We lived a few streets away from each other and I almost lived at his house.
Manfred and I, together with Dr Tom Berry started the Postmark & Postal History Society of Southern Africa in the 1970's and Ken Baker was one of our early members.

Dickon Pollard (Murray Payne)
Yes - this is the sort of thing that needs doing before it is too late, and everyone’s forgotten everything!

Ian Matheson

Weinstein notes are first class. Great job!

  Richard Stoud (UK)
I have found this article of real interest - in fact a complete record and a fine reference article

Tim Bartshe (USA)
Many thanks for the note and the website are beautiful tribute to a man that I never met but was so honoured to be given the award named after him.
When I was in Port Elizabeth for ALGOAPEX in 2002, David Crocker had Sjaan ‘drag’ me over to the Congress proceedings for some reason and I was flabbergasted by hearing my name announced. Upon being told what the award meant, I was even the more honoured being an American far away from the source of my great philatelic interest.

Whenever I attend special functions here in the US I wear the medal and am asked what it is. My reply is simple and short in a way that is understood by the importance of Manfred in that it is the South African equivalent to the Luff Award, only being eclipsed by the honour of signing the Roll (at least in my opinion and understanding).

Cedric Roché

...the superb Weinstein Awards article that he has put togther...The listing of recipients of awards has up to now been in the restricted area...Our website could easily link to his page which will have considerably more detail than any list we will put on...
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Also via an Independently produced Journal (Southern Africa Philately) edited by Otto Peetoom
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We are merely contributing to the hobby we all love!
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