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January 2017
Welcome to the South African Collectors’ website, an active organization of 140+ members that publishes a Journal, The Springbok four times a year. Regional meetings are held in the London area, Carlisle plus two Philatelic weekends per year

Society Packets are circulated and two live Auctions per year

To join there is a form on this site and a modest annual fee may be reduced by accepting the Journal in PDF by email

This website went Live on 29 January 2014 and has steadily developed since then

A great deal of information has been posted on this site, this applies in particular to
the Collect Southern Africa section which continues to grow

This Website has had over 13,850+ hits
Since 2 Jan 2014

Southern Africa Annual Philatelic Conference
11/13 November

Was a Great Success!

Read All About It

The object of this website is to make it interesting and informative. There is a section on how to Identify the various Union Pictorial Definitives and there are numerous Articles and anything connected with South African Philately.

This website was created, is maintained and constantly updated by a Professional Philatelist who is a keen member of the Society.
If you have visited this site in the past, please look at the News Section each time you log-on as that page informs you what has been added or changed.

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Three New Web pages Reviewing 50 years of RSA Commemoratives
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The Springbok Journal Issue
No 337
Due out Jan.

Jan 2017 - Over 20 Sections
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Wanted - Don't throw them away please - we need them for research
Old Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Catalogues mainly pre 1950
Old issues of The South African Philatelist
A List of requirement has been Posted - Thank you

Due to weight preferable
UK Resident

New Pages in the Collect Section 1961 - 2010 RSA Commemoratives - Coming Soon SWA Commemoratives

Plus a Site for Stellaland, Bechuanaland and Botswana
October 2016 - Issue No 4 (44 Pages) was available in September - Issue No 5 in February 2017
Embracing the Philately of Southern Africa
Subscribe to a new Journal with an array of articles that covers
South and Central Africa Issues No's 1 - 4 available

First Issue may be downloaded in PDF format from this website
The link is here

Information about the Concept

It is the best thing that has happened to
Southern African Philately in Decades

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