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Southern Africa Annual Philatelic Conference
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March 2022

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The next Society meeting will be held at Letchworth on Saturday, May 7th 2022, 10am to 5pm

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Summer Meeting 2022 - the two day meeting returns to Meriden, 26th - 27th June 2022.

This is a Sunday & Monday, we will host displays, an auction and the ABELL TROPHY one frame competition.

If you wish to attend, display or stay - please contact Simon Peetoom - details in The Springbok

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The Springbok No 350 - April 2020

Southern Africa Philately No 14 - February 2020
Special Edition of The Springbok - October 2017
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This website was created by Otto Peetoom and the aim & object was to make it interesting and informative.

Otto sadly passed away in July 2020, however it remains online, with much of his work still intact and available to collectors.

There are numerous Articles and information connected with South African Philately, plus a section on how to Identify the various Union Pictorial Definitives.

Otto was a Professional Philatelist, a keen researcher and Philatelic writer and was the editor of Southern Africa Philately, The Rhodesian Philatelist and The Runner Post (the journal of The Bechanaland Society).

The Springbok Archive

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The aim is to revitalize the Society's
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Issues after 2014 are not regarded as Archival

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The World’s most Favourite Thematic
Southern African Philately
was a separate journal, started in 2015 and mostly written and edited by Otto.
There were fifteen editions containing a wide variety of subjects across the philately of Southern Africa.

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Embracing the Philately of Southern Africa
An exciting Journal with an array of articles that covers
South and Central Africa.  Back Issues 1 - 15 available

First Issue may be downloaded in PDF format from this website
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It is the best thing that has happened to
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